Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick links

From The Economist: A new study in Science traces the early spread of the HIV virus in Africa.

From Nature: A modified version of the anti-parasitic drug niclosamide reduces fat accumulation and insulin resistance in mouse models of type 2 diabetes and is a promising new lead for an anti-diabetic drug.

From Science: This year's Nobel Prize in Medicine goes to three scientists who discovered the brain's positioning system.

From Fierce Pharma: The Thiola pricing kerfuffle.

From Forbes: In the wake of the Thiola pricing kerfuffle, an interesting look at the way drug pricing works.

From Businessweek: Retrophin, the company marketing Thiola, and its many troubles.

From Vanity Fair: Tracking the origin of the current Ebola outbreak and why containment efforts have failed.

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